The Circle of Light Award is a very special award within our organizations. Initiated through peer nominations and conferred by our founders and our organizations’ leadership, this award is one of our highest honors.

The Circle of Light Award recognizes any individual in our organizations, regardless of position or path, for the positive leader and inspiring spirit that they are.

The Circle of Light Award recognizes our colleagues who are role models of amazing leadership. These individuals have hearts that put others first, whether it be students or colleagues. Most importantly, these individuals possess a spirit that lights the way for other to follow, living out our core values of mutual respect, mutual trust, integrity, and compassion.

Since the award’s inception over a decade ago, each recipient has demonstrated that they can accomplish much while also being a giving, supportive leader. On a daily basis, these colleagues exude that which inspires others – the embodiment of a caring and supportive heart, positive leadership, and a spirit that lights the way for others to follow.

We encourage you to take a moment and consider who you know that embodies the qualities of the Circle of Light. And after that moment of realization and gratitude, nominate them.

Past Winners


David Hernandez
OFY - Victor Valley

David is always looking for ways to help people; students, and staff. David is our go-to person anytime I have technical questions. He is this loving and helpful person towards anyone he encounters. He continues to excel in providing teacher support as much as he can. He's knowledgeable in technology and teaching methods. David has been quintessential this year as the SGI Math Coach. As we transitioned to a new model in having all teachers teach classes, David began teacher training with great ideas so we could be better prepared to take on the new challenge.

Miguel Mojica
OFL - High Desert

Miguel is such a joy to be around. He's so helpful to all of our students and staff and always has a positive attitude. Even when his table overflows with students he keeps his calm and makes sure he gives each and every student the same amount of attention. The kindness and patience he shows our students while working with them in math is incredible.  He has been a necessity in getting our students through math. However, he just doesn't get them through Math; he actually gets them to appreciate the process of doing Math!

Jessica Wade
OFL - High Desert

Jessica Wade is a Circle of Light for anyone that walks through the doors of Lancaster 1. She radiates joy and can turn even the worst of days around for anyone she meets. No matter how busy she is, she is always patient and kind. Whether it is answering questions about her center or organizing her curriculum and supplies, she can always be found with a large and genuine smile on her face. She is everyone's friend and strives to keep a positive energy around her center. She truly brings people together and this has been demonstrated by her team-building efforts with the students of Lancaster 1's Culture Shock group.

Michelle Won
EMS - Legal Team

Michelle works hard and cares about helping everyone throughout the organization. She is respective and friendly to everyone who walks into her office. She is generous with her time and knowledge. Her dedicated work ethic makes her a valuable resource to the entire company. Michelle is often dealt with less than ideal situations, and her ability to maintain positive composure, handle the situation with grace, and navigate you towards a solution to the issue is incredible. Furthermore, she takes the time to teach you the tools you need to be successful in the future. Michelle's hard working nature, compassionate demeanor, and unwavering integrity is what makes her the most obvious candidate for this award; I cannot think of another individual more deserving.

Other Past Winners


  • Leslie Banks
  • Nancy Bradley
  • Carol Mispagel
  • Kwan Tam
  • Ariana Renteria


  • Abel Cabrera
  • Brent Botzer
  • Crissy Kelley
  • Juan Martinez
  • Thomas Nguyen
  • Ileana Arroyo
  • Christine Lee


  • Allen Andrews
  • Irena Perlovich
  • Norma Carlos
  • Deanna Puckett
  • Neil Pilios
  • Kandice Bertonazzi


  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Kimberly Conrad
  • Suzie Manley
  • Jocelyn Baldwin
  • Ben Isaak
  • Antrin Kee


  • Molly Sircher
  • Lori Albright
  • Raul Amarillo


  • Melissa Guevara
  • Jessica Watterson


  • Melody Rhode
  • Paul Shemet
  • Julie Parra
  • Kathleen Hermans
  • Brianna Marchand


  • Mary Speck
  • Gloria Escobedo
  • Julie Parra
  • Justin Watkins
  • Joanna Mora


  • Pat Loncaric
  • Felicia Bams
  • Josh Sherod
  • Sandra Anthony
  • Jenny Bonilla


  • Michael Leonesio
  • Julie Hernandez
  • Kathy Lento


  • Carla Mueller
  • Bob Eichhorn
  • Jeff Moreno


  • Marvin Malone